Man lies on Delhi road for 12 hours after accident. People steal phone and money instead of helping

Wikimedia Commons
In a shocking incident of heartlessness and lack of empathy, a man was left struggling in pain in the roadside for 12 hours, without anyone coming forward to help him, after an accident left his severally injured.

The incident took place close to Delhi's Kashmere Gate Terminal, when 35 year old Narender Kumar was hit by a vehicle while crossing a road near the bus terminal. Although, Kumar survived the accident, his brutal injuries didn't leave him in a position to step up and help himself.

For 12 miserable hours, the man lied on the roadside as onlookers gazed from a distance and didn't step ahead to provide help. It got even more worse, when instead of helping Kumar, some of the spectators slid into his pockets to steal Rs 12 cash, his mobile phone - and a bag which had his clothes.

Later, one of the passerby made a call to the police control room after which a PCR arrived on spot.

The 35 year old man, was then admitted to the Safdurjung Hospital where he is now receiving treatment for injuries on his spinal chord, neck, legs and back.

12 hours are long enough to change matters of life and death in cases of road accident - when a few minutes of excess bleeding could make a difference. 

Kumar is fateful to have survived, but the incident leaves a stigma on humanity and goes on to show how ruthless we have become as a society.


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