Mika Singh tweets in support of rapist Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Sona Mahapatra shames him with one reply.

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Sona Mahapatra has never been afraid to say her mind - even if it means going against her own industry colleagues and peers.

The successful singer has previously held strong public opinions on Salman Khan's trouble with the law, Sonakshi Sinha's attempt to perform at Justin Bieber's Mumbai concert and much more.

The latest in line to face the honest wrath of the songstress is Bollywood singer Mika Singh.

Mika raised several eye-brows with his Tweet earlier on Friday, where he unabashedly showed his support to  controversial self-styled guru and actor - Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Gurmeet was to appear on court yesterday to plead non-guilty on case citing him as the main culprit of a rape case from the year 2002. By late afternoon, Rahim was already declared guilty of the crime by the CBI court in Panchkula.

Although, Mika's tweet was posted before the verdict came down, it still doesn't change the fact that he was openly supporting someone who was charged with such a heinous crime.

As several of Singh's fans reverted back, showing their disappointment over his views - Mahapatra joined in to ensure she was also speaking her mind on the subject.

Taking a sarcastic jibe at her fellow-singer, Mahapatra poked fun at Mika for having "great achievers" as Ram Rahim as his friends.

Mika's tweets also indicates he has been a supporter of Ram Rahim long before the trial began.

What does it say about him?

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