Policeman runs 1 KM with a 10 KG bomb to save the lives of school kids

Abhishekh Patel - a head constable in Chitora village of Sagar district devoted himself to his duty to safeguard people in a such a heroic act, that he didn't mind putting his own life at stake.

The policeman single-handedly carried out the task of throwing a 10 KG explosive devise away from the vulnerable territory of a local school, by carrying it on his shoulders and running non-stop for a distance of 1 KM.

Patel, thus ended up saving the lives of some 400 children of the Village school - where the unexploded shell was discovered.

Patel spoke with the media persons who were present during the entire incident and explained his spontaneous action, "My only objective was to take it away as far from the children as possible. Far away from all residential areas." 

A short clip captured during the incident showing the constable running with the bomb on his shoulders has also gone viral on various social media platforms.

Watch his heroic act captured on tape below:

One of the teachers from the school told that the police responded immediately after being informed of the explosive device. After reaching the spot, the head constable picked up the bomb and started a kilometer-long sprint, jumping through hurdles and bushes, in an attempt to take it as far away from the children as possible.

Patel later told reporters, that only a few months ago, the police had encountered a similar explosive shell that had to be taken away immediately. "Had it exploded, we were told, it would have damaged a radius of 500 meters. I was afraid it would blow up and decided to take it as far away as possible," he said. 

Words can't sum-up our admiration for the outstanding showcase of courage by Mr Patel.


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