Swami Om yet again beaten up by the public for his opinion on Tripal Talaq. Watch Video

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Swami Om is perhaps one of the most controversial and scandalous things that happened to Indian television after Rakhi Sawant.

The former reality TV contestant and self-proclaimed religious guru, is constantly seen getting himself entangled in new controversies after making snarky and objectionable remarks on sensitive issues.

Om has previously been the subject of public outrage, resulting into being manhandled and beaten by people he offends every now and then and has found himself in the same spot again.

The baba found himself in the midst of a heated triple talaq debate outside the Supreme Court, shortly after the landmark judgement was laid down by the apex court, terming the practice of triple talaq as unconstitutional.

Om was quick to point out that the issue is specific to the religion of Islam and the court should leave it to the community to make a decision on it. His friend, who's seen accompanying him previously as well, reiterated that the court had no right to make a decision on it.

The public gathered around him was so outraged by his opinions that they immediately started beating both Om and his supporter friend.

The entire incident was captured by the media personals present around them.

Watch below:


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