Teachers slaps class 3 student 40 times for not answering while taking attendance

Only a few weeks ago, a video shared by cricketer viral video - showing a mother screaming at and slapping her young daughter while teaching her maths - had sparked outrage on various media outlets. The video showcased a visibly disturbed young girl being yelled at, and she wept and pleaded to be taught with love.

Now a Lukhnow teacher has caught herself in the middle of a similar controversy, however this time the extent of the physical abuse is a lot more severe -  as a footage of her repeatedly slapping a young student of hers has gone viral on social media.

The private school teacher said to have slapped the student over 40 times for not responding with an answer when she was marking attendance of the students present in the class that day.

The teacher identified as Ratica V. John from Lukhnow's John Winnie school not only mercilessly slapped her class III student, 8 year old Ritesh Gupta, several times on his face but also dragged him with his tie in a ruthless manner, to another corner of the classroom.

Ritesh was reportedly beaten so badly that his face was swollen by the time he went back home after finishing school - which is when his parents stepped-in to interrogate what went wrong. The young boy's father reached his school, where Ritesh's classmates informed him of the assault.

After contacting the school's principal Ritesh's parents were able to take out the CCTV footage - in which the assault was clearly captured.

Watch the disturbing video below.

Although the school principal has promised have the teacher fired from school immediately - it has again sparked a national debate on the extent of physical punishments that can be given to kids by their guardians or teachers - and the impact it could have on their overall well-being.

The clip above is a clear case of child abuse, and is enough ground to book the teacher and take a necessary legal action against her.

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