TV actress Divyanka Tripathi Tweets to PM Modi to take firm actions against rapists

Wikimedia Commons/Twitter
In a rather desperate plead to seek action, TV actress Divyanka Tripathi tweeted prime minister Narendra Modi asking his interference on the increasing number of crimes against women across the nation.

The 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' actress, was apparently agitated following a horrendous crime that took place on the 15th of August, as the nation celebrated its 70th year of independence - when a 12 year old student returning from a school fest was raped at knife-point.

The class eighth student was reportedly taken to Children Traffic park in Sector 23, Chandigarh -where she was sexually violated.

Tripathi was among the several other celebrities who expressed their anger over the incident and the ironic day it occurred on. Tweeting to PM Modi, the actress asked him to grant such punishment to rapists that it horrifies them enough to ever think of it.

"Women must stop voting for any party as they are so unimportant for this nation," the actress continued on another Tweet. "It's a 'No Woman's Land' or a #RapistsParadise we live in!"

The actress also expressed her fear of giving birth to a daughter, in a male-dominated society.

Check out all her tweets speaking on the issue:

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