Watchman's teenage son returns lost diamonds worth Rs 45 lakh to owner

Wikimedia Commons
Vishal Upadhyay, a 15 year old student from Surat, recently won several hearts for his selfless deed that could have costed someone a loss of lakhs.

The teenager returned a lost pouch containing tiny diamonds that amounted up to a whopping Rs 45 lakhs to its owner, with the help of his father.

Mansukhbhai Savaliya, who works as a broker was walking out after collecting a few packets of diamonds, when one of the small bags slipped out of his pockets and fell on the street.

Vishal, who was playing cricket nearby the place, found the packet and took it to his father - Fulchand Upadhyay, who works as a watchman.

The duo returned the diamonds to the Surat Diamond Merchant association.

Impressed with Vishal and his father's honesty and integrity, the merchant association announced that they would funding the 15 year old's education for one year, Dinesh Navadiya - president of the association said.

Heartwarming to know, despite coming from a humble background, Vishal and his father chose the path of righteousness and nobility.


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