13 year old fights cancer on his own in fear of causing worry to his parents

Source: Milaap.org
There is no doubt about the fact, Cancer is one of the most horrible diseases on earth. And to battle it out without the complete support of your family would only make the journey even more hard.

But for a 13 year old teenager, the decision of keeping his disease from his family was vital for him to keep them from worrying about his well-being.

Santhosh, found out that he had cancer, at the tender age of 13, on his own - and made the choice to keep the result away from his parents as he did not want to stress them, thinking he may be dying soon from it.

The 13 year old student's family is going through a huge financial crisis, after his father suffered major losses in agriculture due to the lack of rain.

Santhosh's story has been shared by charitable platform - Milaap, who have also launched a campaign to provide financial aid for the teenager's treatment.

"I told my uncle not to tell anyone about cancer. My Mother knows I am sick but has no idea that I am suffering from Cancer," he told Milaap.

Source: Milaap.org
Santhosh stays 500 KM away from his family in a hostel. His cancer was diagnosed, when his uncle, Srinivas, took him to Bangalore for check-up's following complaints of severe neck-pain.

"His platelet count has gone down drastically. He has become very weak but he puts up a strong face for the family. He is a brilliant student and very good in sports as well, once a champion basketball player in school. Now? He is not even able to walk!" - Srinivas told Milaap.

Santhosh continues to show his fighting spirit with an abundance of optimism in his mind. "I want to continue studies and make my parents happy but I hope Cancer doesn’t kill me like it killed my Grand-mother," he says.

Santhosh's surgery of bone marrow transplant requires a total of 15 Lakh, almost half of which have already been raised through Milaap.

You can also contribute to his treatment be going clicking here.

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