2 roommates click a selfie with poison moments before committing suicide

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In a strange yet tragic incident that took place in Indore, two female roommates commuted suicide after clicking a selfie with the very poison they used to take their lives.

The two women worked in a call center and lived in the Guru Nagar area of Indore.

Identified as Rachna Choudhary and Tanvi, the two roomies said to have mixed poison in soft drinks poured in coffee mugs and took a selfie while smiling into the camera, holding their respective glasses.

After two days, when the landlord noticed their the two had not opened the doors - he immediately called the Vijaynagar police station to send an alert.

Upon arrival, the cops found their bodies lying on the floor along with the empties cups of poison and a suicide note written by the two of them.

Both women worked at a call center and while Rachna was married, but lived separately from her husband due to irreconcilable differences, Tanvi stated in the letter that she did not want to live any more and was volunteer taking her own life.

The letter however, does not provide enough evidence to actual cause of death, and police would investigate it further as the bodies have now been sent for postmortem.

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