Acid Attack survivors and Transgenders get jobs in Delhi High Court in a benchmark move

Representative Image (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
It isn't easy leading a 'normal' life being a transgender in a vastly conservative society like ours. The same can be said about the survivors of acid attacks, who struggle to get that normalcy back into their lives or find a suitable way to provide livelihood for themselves.

Putting aside these notions and prejudices aside, the Delhi high court has opened doors of employment in a benchmark initiative, recruiting five acid attack survivors and a transgender for a clerical job.

The plight of these individuals was brought to the attention of Chief Justice Gita Mittal, who, after an interaction with all six candidates, initiated their recruitment on suitable profiles and thereby opening doors for others belonging to the marginalized sections of the society. 

Another senior administrative staffer from the court said, "This is the first of its kind when such a decision has been taken. All the six, who joined today, have been given clerical jobs as per their qualification."

The intervention by the Chief Justice was made after the six individuals failed to get any jobs due to their physical conditions and discrimination based on appearances.

A true example of 'opportunities for all' - Bravo Delhi HC..!


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