Bigg Boss Season 11: Salman Khan says the show has No TRP without him

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Bigg Boss - perhaps India's most controversial reality TV show is coming back with its eleventh season and has already started grabbing headlines.

Firstly, for the speculations surrounding this year's 'house-inmates', season 11 came to light again after news of Salman Khan getting a huge sum for hosting the show, started to circulate. 

According to sources, Khan was so repulsed following the vastly negative controversies that shadowed the show's previous season, that he wasn't sure about coming back as a host for season 11. But the show's producers, reportedly, tempted him back into the BB team with a highly lucrative sum.

The reports suggest that the actor has been signed for a whopping 11 crores per episode, for the show's latest season.

At a recent press conference, in promotion of the show, Salman chose to bounce off the questions related to his big fat cheque. However producer and Colors CEO Raj Nayak did state, "Salman Khan doesn't come so cheap".

Speaking on his prolonged association with the reality show, Salman said, “Every year I decide not do Bigg Boss but, what to do they don’t get TRP without me. But I am thankful to Colors for giving me the show. Let’s see how much more seasons I will entertain you guys."

The star later expressed what attracts him to the show -- besides the hefty sum, ofcourse. 

"I like the format and can connect with it. Though, I complain, but I enjoy.  I really get to learn a lot from the show. My love and hate relationship keeps me hooked with the show.  Also, I don’t think there is a better show than Bigg Boss right now."

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Bigg Boss season 11 is scheduled to air on October 2, 2017.


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