Celina Jaitely shares gorgeous pregnancy pictures flaunting baby bump

Celina Jaitely who's currently on her second pregnancy with hubby Peter Haag, recently took the internet by storm after baring her baby bump for a photograph.

The actress and philanthropist shared a few pictures of her glowing self on Instagram, but the one that caught the attention of most was a picture of her inside a bath tub, as the actress revealed her bare belly in an attempt to promote body-positivity.

This is what the actress had to say about the picture:

I decided to post this picture because it is so important to Free yourself from a negative body image that people generally associate with pregnancy — and making a good one last beyond pregnancy. No matter what size you become and you may or may not have challenges in course of pregnancy, during pregnancy we need to develop a willingness to view bodily changes as part of the journey of motherhood, instead of something to be feared.

Celina, who's a mother to two boys - born as twins, back in 2012 is expecting twins this time around as well. The glowing beauty, shared a number of other pictures documeting various moments of her pregnancy on Instagram.

Check out some of the other adorable pictures from the actress below:


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