Girl tries to find job for the man who rescued her during Mumbai rains

Image Source: Facebook/ShikhaAChawla/Wikimedia Commons
As the city of Mumbai was taken over by the tragic aftermath of the heavy rainfalls, resulting into major water-logs and accidents, several local people came out to help the ones stranded out on the roads - showing the true resilient spirit of the city.

One such victim of the flooded city was a woman named, Shikha Chawla who left from her workplace at around 3: PM on the 29th of August, while it was still raining heavily outside and the city appeared to have stopped functioning.

When after several attempts of calling an auto or a cab to get her home, Shikha was still left soaked and waiting outside her office, a cab driver nearby empathized with her situation and offered to bring her to safety.

During a long, tedious and challenging ride back home - the driver kept on assuring Shikha that she didn't have to worry as he would do his best to get her home now.

Naturally, she was so touched by the driver's assertive act of not only reaching out for help but comforting her in a fearful situation, that she took to Facebook to share the entire incident and also to help find job to the driver's relative who was also present in the ride with him.

Here is what Shikha had to say on Facebook:

Several people have reached out to help the cab driver while applauding his actions. People have also appreciated Shikha's way of paying back and assisting him in her own way.

Great to see, in such times of disasters, how people from different walks of life can come together to make it better for each other.


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