Kangana Ranaut's satirical video with AIB is a tight slap on Bollywood's sexism

Source: Screengrabs from video shared by All India Bakchod
Kangana Ranaut has always been vocal about her strongly-held opinions on the Indian movie industry and has never been afraid to speak her mind without any inhibitions.

The National award winning actress, has recently been all over the news for her jaw-dropping revelations about her past relationships, abusive mentors and feuds with Bollywood colleagues.

Just when you thought Kangana was pretty much done with talking about her dismissal of Bollywood norms, the 30 year old superstar, has now come out with a collaboration with 'All India Bakchod' - in a video that takes a solid jibe at the rampant sexism in the industry.

The AIB-penned narrative, shows Ranaut sarcastically sing about the objectification of women in Bollywood movies, which mostly boast of a male-driven narrative, with actresses mostly being used as a 'showpiece.'

The AIB-Ranaut, join-venture hits you right at the spot with its accuracy - as the talented powerhouse tackles everything from - pay inequality to nepotism, in the lyrics penned on the tune of 2015's Meet Bros hit, 'Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan.'

Here are some of the highlights from the bombastic sattire from AIB:

1) Her stance on 'minor' and 'insignificant' roles of females in movies:

"Mann Jaa ve, O mera role badha de"

2) The difference in age of male and female stars:

"Ho main toh hu kitni young young, Iss buddhe ke sang sang"

3) The difference in the career span of male and female stars:

"Karoon jo shadi I'm done done, woh still number one, romancing my bitiya, while I sell tikiya"

4) The slight shade on actors who make it through, because of nepotism:

"Papa ne tujhko launch kiya ve, Mein boli toh tumne taunt kiya ve"

5) Bluntly calling out small-mindedness of industry peeps:

"Thak gayi inki ass chum chum ke, Inse Zyada broad minds hai baboons ke"

Check out another gutsy swim against the tide, by the Bollywood diva:

Satire at its best..!!

You go Kangana!!

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