Kanpur Woman seeks permission to end life of son. Has no money to treat his skin cancer

Source: Twitter/ANI
A woman from Kanpur seeks to euthanize her young son, as she's unable to afford the medical treatment required to heal his serious medical condition.

Janki, the mother of the sick child, has written a heart-wrenching letter to the president of India, seeking approval to legally end the life of her son - who suffers from skin cancer.

The woman insists, she has no money to provide the required treatment to her son. She also stated that the doctor she approached for the treatment, demanded a sum of Rs 10,000 and refused treatment without submission of the said amount.

Janaki made the doctor aware of her financial situation, but the treatment couldn't proceed any further. She later approached the District Magistrate, Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, district officer - but could not get any help.

Later collector and MLA of UP, Nilima Katiyar, approached Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath with a letter urging him to provide help to the suffering child. Four months on, the letter still has not been responded to.

Janaki now wishes to meet the president in person, to convey her situation and seek response on her letter.

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