Muslim family donates personal land for the expansion of Hanuman temple

At a time when communal disharmony between various religious groups is being propagated for political motives, the true facet showing the amalgamation of various colors of our society keeps on bringing itself to the fore.

The latest such instance showing the true spirit of brotherhood between Hindu and Muslim communities, has come from a locality in Madhya Pradesh, where a Muslim family has donated their land for the enlargement of a Hunuman temple.

The inspiring news comes from Bagwaz Village in MP, where 34 year old Javed Ansari has gone ahead and donated almost 2000 square feet of land for the expansion of the local temple devoted to Hindu lord, Hanuman.

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Ansari who jointly owns the land with some other of his family members, generously decided to donate it to the temple management to create a seating space and a boundary wall for the temple, known as Imli Wale Hanuman Mandir.

"I have donated this land to Hanuman Mandir to send out a message of communal harmony. I believe that such gestures will increase brotherhood between the Hindu and Muslim communities," Ansari said.

What a positive and much-needed step in such times of need. Hope more people set out such positive examples of harmony and brotherhood from both sides.

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