Priyanka Chopra shamed for meeting Syrian refugee kids in Jordan. Her reponse was just PERFECT

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Priyanka Chopra is not just one of the first major international stars to have ventured out of Bollywood, but also a global goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

The actress has previously been associated with several initiatives by the organization, in an attempt to reach out to the ones in need.

Chopra recently made a visit to hear and understand the plea of Syrian refugees in Jordan, and met the kids who have been affected by the crisis.

But despite her genuine efforts for the cause, a few trolls online were not happy with her for "neglecting" desi causes, criticizing her for reaching out to kids from other countries instead.

As one such Tweet user, left a comment on her initiative and questioning her priorities, Priyanka gave him the most befitting reply.

Here is what the troll had to say:

And this is how PC replied.

Well, said Priyanka.

There is no reason, why the suffering of children from one origin should be any more or less important based on their nationality or race.


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