Review - Simran: Kangana robs her way into people's hearts with another great performance

Putting all the controversy and the drama surrounding the promotion of Kangana Ranaut's latest offering, 'Simran', aside - one question echoed in every movie-lover's mind - would the movie live up to all the expectations Ranaut has raised amidst her being lauded as one of the most gifted actresses of this generation?

Well, without much ado - we'd just say, that 'Simran' lives up to the hype - and comes out as the kind of movie any actor would like to be invested in. Not only because of the platform it gives to showcase ones chops, but also for allowing the lead star to shine on their own.

Despite, everything negative that is being talked about Kangana - by angered fans of the powerful A-listers, she has offended with her remarks during the course of the movie's promotion, one really has to watch to experience, how extraordinarily Ranaut once again carries an entire movie on her shoulders alone.

Hansal Mehta's ambitious commercially-aimed project is loosely based on 'Sandeep Kaur' - an NRI living in the U.S., whose sting with gambling in Las Vegas, lands her in major trouble with the law.

Despite Kaur's story being a cautionary tale based around the consequences of stealing and robbing, Kangana and director Hansal Mehta decided to present the plot in a light-hearted, humorous fashion, and it is astonishing how the actress not only manages to make it look so believable, but also make the audience sympathize with the character's troubled situation.

'Simran' is not a perfect movie - but no one really expected it to be. What one expected while going into the theater, was for Ranaut to create another timeless character like 'Rani' or 'Datto', that is going to be etched on people's mind for a long time - and 'Simran' does just that.

If not for anything else, watch it for the unabashed effort of the team to put their complete faith on the female lead in a male-driven industry, in a plot that doesn't necessarily meet the mainstream stereotypes - but instead shines a different light, altogether.

**** 4 stars

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