Uttarakhand minister's nephew physically assaulted by girlfriend for cheating on her

A viral video showcasing Uttarakhand cabinet minister, Harak Singh Rawat's nephew getting severely beaten and humiliated by his alleged girlfriend has gone viral on social media.

Showing the woman physically assaulting and abusing the man, the video was also shared by Janta Ka Reporter, which stated that the two had been in a relationship for over a year.

According to the website, Ankit Rawat was thrashed by the girl, who alleged him of sending flirtatious messages to her sister while still being in a relationship with her.

Threatening to ruin his political career, the girl then warns him not to be seen with other women in the future.

Several people commenting on social media have questioned if things would have been the same had it been a guy publicly beating and humiliating his girlfriend under similar circumstances.

Showing Ankir break down and wipe tears from his face towards the end, the video is disturbing and saddening, and reiterates the fact that irrespective of any sort of infidelity, no individual has the right to physically abuse their partner.

Watch the video below:

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