Wife of martyred soldier writes a beautiful letter remembering her late husband

Although the nation collectively mourns the loss of each and every life sacrificed in safeguarding our territories - the loss that is faced by the immediate family and loved ones of the martyred souls, is perhaps, incomprehensible.

Recently in a heartfelt and very personal post shared on Facebook, the wife of Martyred Indian soldier, Major Akshay Girish Kumar, expressed what it was like to have her life altered after a tragedy that took her husband's life last year.

Shared by Facebook page, 'BeingYou', Sangeeta Akshay Girish's heartwarming post detailed the struggle of life without her beloved husband.

Source: Indiatimes.com/Courtesy: Facebook/BeingYou

"Around 6:15 pm, his commanding officer and some other officers came to meet me. He said “Ma'am we have lost Akshay. He was martyred around 8:30 am.” My world collapsed. I was inconsolable. I wish I had texted him. I wish I had hugged him goodbye. I wish I had told him I loved him one last time," Sangeeta wrote, recollecting the time she got to hear the news about her husband's passing.

Talking about how she along with her little daughter have learned to cope with the loss in the course of time, Sangeeta wrote: "At first, it was difficult to explain to Naina what had happened but now her papa is a star in the sky. Today, I have set up my own place with the things we had collected. He is there alive and speaking to us through the pictures and the memories we created. We smile through our tears because we know that’s what he would have wanted us to do."

Read the full-post from 'BeingYou' below:

More power and strength to those who lose their loved ones in service to the nation.

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