National Shame: Man rapes 100 year old woman to death in Uttar Pradesh.

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The every day instances of rape and sexual violence against women across various parts of our country, make us wonder when some stringent steps might be taken to alter the system.

Some of these are so heinous in nature, that they shatter are very belief in the essence of humanity.

Another one of such incidents, has now come to light from Uttar Pradesh, where a 100 year old woman was so violently raped by a drunken youth that she succumbed to the physical torture and died.

The incident took place at the Jaani Village, in Meerut where the ailing aged woman, who lived in the rural district in the care of her brother was raped by a man, identified as Ankit Punia. The man, who was said said to be in a drunken state, was caught red-handed as the woman screamed and cried for help - which caught the attention of her neighbors.

Given her already frail health and physical condition, the lady could not handle the bodily trauma and died shortly after. 

Ankit, who denied having done anything to the woman, was caught by the police and will be charged with the applicable sections of the Indian Penal Code.

A few days ago, another equally disgusting incident from Andhra Pradesh, shook the nation - when a woman was raped on the sidewalk of a busy road in broad daylight, as passersby stopped only to take pictures and videos of the incident.

There are no words to explain the depth of disgust we feel, acknowledging how unsafe women are, across all demographics in this nation. 

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Despite all the marches, protests, speeches in parliaments - the situations on the ground-level pretty much remain the same.

How far things have to go before the system wakes up to the atrocities?

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