Prakash Raj questions politicians again: "Why are you wasting our time digging history?"

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Twitter
One of the most loved villains and character actors of Indian cinema Prakash Raj is in news for his socio-political stance once again. The national award winning star has raised his concern with politicians, on issues related to the very existence of historical monuments being questioned for political gains.

"Why are you POLITICIANS WASTING OUR TIME digging history," the 'Wanted' actor posted on his Twitter handle..

Prakash was in news recently when he questioned PM Narendra Modi for his silence after Journalist Gauri Lankesh, who was known for her no-hold-barred criticism of the leading government and the right wing ideologies, was murdered in broad daylight. Raj also sarcastically called the Prime Minister "a bigger actor than him",  stating that most of the politicians keeping mum on the issue deserve all the national awards that he's been given for his work in movies.

Now, since the past couple of weeks, the issue of the prevalence, significance and history of monuments is being questioned through the eyes of religion and politics - the 52 year old veteran actor couldn't help but share his opinion on the matter once again...

Prakash took to twitter to express his discontent and asked politicians to not waste time digging history and focus on serious issues like jobs for youths & the plight of farmers instead.

The actor tweeted -

As expected - given the politically-driven  division of opinions across nation on almost every matter, the actor received a mixed response from his followers on the social media outlet:

Whether you agree with Prakash Raj or not, it is great for someone as well-recognized as him to stand of what he believes to be right.

More power to the democratic liberty of being allowed to share our diverse opinions in public.

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