Sonu Nigam says national anthem should not be played in theaters

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Over the past one year, Sonu Nigam has managed to revamp his image from being largely publicly-reserved and media-shy, to one of the most outspoken Bollywood celebs with his no-hold-barred opinions on socio-political affairs. 

The 44 year old singer, earlier got into news for his "Azaan" controversy, in which he complained about the loud noises of prayers coming from places of worship, terming it "forced religiousness" and fueling a nation-wide controversy. 

His comments on the noise level of Azaan commenced a national debate, which lasted through several episodes of dramatic twists and inputs from several other celebs - which also included the singer shaving off his own head after a Maulvi, who was apparently upset with his commentary, had set a prize of 10 Lakhs for anyone who would do that to him.

Just when the Azaan controversy had died down, Sonu has now provided his two cents on the recent declaration from the Supreme Court, which talked about revoking its earlier decision of having the national anthem played at movie theaters. The singer sat down for an interview with the Manthan Aaj Tak conclave, and this is what he had to say [paraphrashed] :-

"There are some people who are saying the national anthem should be played in cinema halls, some say it should not be there. The national anthem is a prestigious and sensitive thing and I think it should not be played in certain places, in movie theaters or restaurants."

He further added - 

“If I love my national anthem why would I play it in cinema halls, where people come to have a leisure time and find it laborious to stand up for national anthem? For example I will not take my parents to a place where they will not be respected. I always stand up for national anthem in theaters and forget about my national anthem I will even stand up for Pakistan's national anthem to show my respect towards that country and to those people"

He talks about his previous "Azaan" controversy too -

"In the azaan incident, religion was also added. In India, people don’t try to understand the meaning of words and try to look into it deeply. In the same post, I had mentioned temple, Gurudwara, but the only thing highlighted was azaan "

The Supreme court has recently stated that they may revise their decision of making it mandatory to play the National anthem in theaters, enforcing theater-goers to stand up before the start of every movie.  The court has ordered the central government to look into the matter, reigniting the series of debates on the issue again.

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