13 YO boy buys scooter for sister with 62,000 coins saved for several years

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A 13 year old boy from Jaipur gave a heartwarming Diwali gift to his sister, that was certainly unusual in more ways than one.

Not only was it an expensive gift for someone of his age and background, it was bought with money that was consolidated and saved for several years.

On October 19th, which was the day of Diwali this year, the boy along with his sister walked in-to an automobile showroom telling one of the executives that they wanted to buy a scooter.

The interesting part about this story was that they wanted to pay the entire amount of nearly 62,000 in coins that they had saved over the years.

The duo were not only willing to pay the amount right there in cash, they had also brought along two bags full of coins with them to the showroom.

Although, the executives were initially reluctant in exchanging such a amount in bare coins, the siblings managed to convince them eventually.

"We saved the amount from our pocket money which we usually get in coins. Even when we get it in the form of currency notes, we exchanged it for coins," the boy said.

The showroom managed pointed out that though previously other customers have also paid a small part of the amount in mere coins, it is the first time a sale has been negotiated with its complete payment being made in such a manner.

Wikimedia Commons
Despite it being an adorable story of innocent generosity, it has also inspired us to believe in the concept of savings again!

This is precisely how you can buy that new IPhone you thought you couldn't afford. 

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