Acid attack survivor finds the love of her life. Set to tie the knot soon

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Pramodini Roul was only 15 years old when a rejected proposal of marriage drastically altered her life forever. Asked for marriage by a paramilitary soldier, her denial to the proposal, enraged the scorned lover to such an extent that he poured acid over her - severally burning her face and scalp.

Left blind from both of her eyes, Pramodini suffered from such drastic burns, she spent years in recovery and reconstructive surgeries.

During her on and off visits to the hospital - particularly during the time when she developed infections arising out of skin grafted from her leg on her face, Pramodini came across Saroj Kumar Sahoo - who was a friend of one of the nurses in the medical establishment.

Sooraj first reached out to Pramodini's mother - who was inconsolable after learning that her daughter won't be able to walk for at least the next four years, due to complications arising out of the leg infection.

Initially, making regular visits to the hospital to look after and encourage Pramodini, Sooraj developed such a bond that he left his job to devote himself to taking care of her.

In the most dire and unexpected of circumstances, Pramodini found love knocking at her door when she least expected it.

The two are now set to marry, after a few planned reconstructive surgeries.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Pramodini said:

Saroj really treats me like a queen. He loves me like the way I am. He always encourages me to live life happily. He has become a part of me. I would not have been able to see the world today if I did not have him in my life.

Despite the tragic ordeal, its great to see Pramodini starting a new chapter in her life.

Sending all the good wishes and positive thoughts in the couple's way. 

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