Aishwarya Rai cries after failing to control over-excited photographers

Aishwarya Rai couldn't hold back her tears after over-excited group of cameramen screamed for her photos during a recent charity event.

The actress along with her mother and daughter - Aradhya, was participating at the Smile Foundation NGO's celebration of her late father, Krishnraj Rai's birth anniversary.

Urging the shutterbugs to keep quiet, Ash tried to assure them that they will get their shots if they just maintain silence around kids.

"I’m seriously saying, stop it. You do not need to take my photograph, asking you all to please keep silence," Ash said. "You neither need this picture nor the video. We are requesting you to maintain peace."

Trying to maintain her cool initially, while calming down the paparazzi, the actress lost her patience and broke into tears after failing to control them.

“We all are familiar with such events, we belong to this business, they (kids) don’t," she further told the crowd. "Please show some respect. They do not know our worlds. This is not a premiere, not another public event. What’s wrong with you all?”

Watch the entire incident below:


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