"Apna weight loss karne ka socha hai?" reporter fat-shames Vidya Balan. Her response was just PERFECT.

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Vidya Balan is perhaps one of the most celebrated actresses of this generation. The national award winning star has delivered some of the most unconventional performances as a leading Bollywood lady, breaking several stereotypes pertaining to female actresses in the mainstream.

But despite all the admiration she's received, the actress also hasn't been spared by judgmental trolls who have almost never refrained from body-shaming her every time she has made a public appearance.

The actress who's currently busy promoting her new flick, 'Tumhari Sulu' - was targeted on her appearance again, with a hideously snarky fat-shaming question, during a recent media interaction.

Here is what the reporter asked her:

“You are known for doing women-centric films so do you plan on doing so or are you planning to shed some extra kilos. Are you planning to adopt more glamorous roles in future?”

Vidya who's known just as much for her no-hold-barred way of speaking as her acting prowess, left no stones unturned while replying to the absurd question.

"I am very happy with what I am and the movies that I’m doing. But yes, if the mindset of people like you could change, it would be amazing," the Dirty Picture actress said.

Vidya is not new to being body-shamed. The actress has spoken on the subject in-detail before, but the negativity seems to have fixated in the minds of some people, who just can't look past it.

Watch the video of her interaction below:


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