Bride falls sick before wedding. Groom takes Baraat to the hospital and marries her there

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A hospital in Kolkata partly turned into a wedding spot for a day, when due to sudden hospitalization of a soon-to-be-bride, the groom decided to solemnize all rituals without any delays.

Heyra Jawed, who works as a lawyer for a Hyderabad based legal-establishment, fell seriously ill only a day before her wedding on Wednesday with Saudi Arabia based mechanical engineer, Md Shahnawaz Alam. 

Complaining of unbearable stomach ache which worsened by the end of the day, Heyra was then rushed to the GD Hospital and Diabetes Institute where she was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction.

Heyra's hospitalization occured only 2 days after her Haldi ceremony. Her brother, Nahid Shamim explained how tensions rose in their family, when they realized the wedding may have to get cancelled/postponed.

"In our religion, cancelling a wedding after the haldi ceremony is a bad sign. Finally, it was decided that the wedding would happen according to the schedule," he said.

Nahid also spoke highly of his brother-in-law, Shahnawaz, comparing his decision of proceeding to take the baraat to the hospital, to Shahid Kapoor's character in Vivaah.

"There is still humanity left in this world. Heroes are not seen only in movies. My brotherin-law is a hero for us. I told him that he is like the Shahid Kapoor of `Vivaah' who went on to marry a girl who had got burnt after the house was on fire," Nahid said of Shahnawaz.

Shahnawaz, who had flown from Saudi for his wedding at his ancestral home in Dalkhola, took the Baraat consisting of nearly 15 people to the hospital. 

"I am so thankful for the cooperation of the hospital staff. They opened the conference room, served Sandesh, tea, coffee and biscuits to us too," Nahid said.

Although, Heyra is still under medical observation and would need further treatment, she's happy her wedding could proceed on the scheduled date despite such a disruption in their plans.

Theirs would be a match made in hospital. 

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