Delhi:18 month old girl raped by her father's friend

Representative Image (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
An 18 month old baby girl has been sexually violated by her father's friend who was babysitting her in the absence of her parents.

The shocking and abominable incident took place in New Delhi on Monday, when the girl's father went to work along with his wife, leaving the toddler in the presence of his friend - who also works in the save private security company as him.

Upon her return from work, the child's mother found her crying and bleeding profusely from her private parts. She was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital, where upon medical examination, it was declared that she had been sexually abused.

Police then arrested the 21 year old accused in the city's Shahpur Jat area.

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"The girl’s father left home for his morning duty," said one of the police officers. "Her mother and siblings also left for work after that. Finding the child alone, the man sexually assaulted her."

The man has been booked under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act) and is in police custody right now.

The incident is yet another addition to what seems like a never-ending chain of gender-based sexual violations and the ever-increasing number of crimes against women.

When will this stop?

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