Gurgaon ambulance covers 12 Km in 7 minutes to save a cancer patient

Usually, when a viral footage of an ambulance on Indian roads surfaces - it is about the difficulties it faces in making its way out of the dis-organized traffic. The notion was put to a halt for a change, with in a recently uploaded video which showed an ambulance carrying a cancer patient with a critical health crisis, making its way to the hospital merely in a couple of minutes.

Rushing through the road, while shifting lanes - the dramatic videos is said to be filmed in Gurgaon (Gurugram) and showcases the ambulance covering the distance of nearly 12 Km in merely 7 minutes.

The video served as a breath of fresh air, amidst other instances of several patients succumbing to their frail situations due to the ambulances being stuck in traffic on the way to the hospitals.

The ambulance in the video was carrying a critically ill cancer patient, who had to be rushed to the hospital on an immediate basis. The bus was then provided a green cover from Delhi Airport 1D terminal to Gurgaon's border - an effort that succeeded with help from the local police.

As much as we laud this efforts of everyone involved in saving the life of the patient, we hope this doesn't just remain a one-in-a-million instance and applies to all cases of medical emergencies.

It is a shame so many lives get lost, due to the patient not making it to the hospital on time.

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