Guy throws 3 month old puppy from terrace. "1 down 1 to go" - proudly writes on Whatsapp

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A man's character can be judged by the way he treats animals - some wise man once said.

Going by that perspective, would someone who causes severe physical harm and torture to our furry friends, simply to get some thrill or "fun" out of it - may as well possess the traits to be a danger to society as a whole?

Whether you believe in that notion or not, the idea of taking amusement in physically abusing voiceless animals is a character trait as appalling as it can be.

An instance in that relation, has just come to light, in which a 21 year old mechanical engineering student is reported to have thrown a 3-month old puppy from the top of his terrace. 

His reason for doing so? - That the little pup peed on him!

The incident was reported by The News Minute, which is said to have taken place on the 24th of October. After mercilessly throwing the little puppy off the terrace, killing him, the accused boasted about the murder in a whatsapp group, stating 'One down one more to go.'

As Animal Welfare Groups came into the picture and the youngster was questioned for his actions, he is said to have showed no remorse or guild and pushed the incident aside by stating, "It’s just a dog, I didn’t kill a human."
An FIR against the boy has been lodged by the Animal Welfare representatives. He now faces charges against IPC section 429 (Mischief by killing or maiming cattle, etc. of any value or any animal of the value of fifty rupees). He has also been booked under section 11 which pertains to Prevention of cruelty to Animals.

How can people be so merciless and cold-hearted?

This guy needs some series mental counselling and a stringent punishment under the law.

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