"I want to ask him why he did it": Ryan school murder victim's mother wants to confront the accused

Source: Twitter/ANI
The Ryan school murder mystery took a shocking U turn this past week, when contrary to the initial claims, the perpetrator of the crime turned out to be an 11th grade student from the same school - per finding from CBI's probe.

The intial blame of the murder was put on the schoool's bus conductor, Ashok Kumar - who was alleged of slitting the 11 year old's throat after a failed attempt of sexual misconduct.

The entire theory was put in the back-burner when CBI interrogated the 16 year old suspect - who admitted to killing Pradyuman, after several hours of a questioning session.

Pradyuman's mother Jyoti Thakur now insists she wants to confront the teenager and ask him what made him murder her child.

"We don't know who this kid is. Perhaps Pradyuman knew him as a student of the same school. I want to ask him why he killed my son," she said.

The family is also not willing to buy the theory that the teenager killed their son, in an attempt to postpone the examinations as a consequence. They also insist that he should be tried as an adult and not a juvenile. 

 "I don't buy this theory that he committed the murder to postpone exams," Pradyuman's father said. "The teenager apprehended by CBI should be tried as an adult" 

The decision will now be left to the Juvenile Justice Board who will further decide upon the proceedings of the trial.

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