Indigo airline apologizes after their staff assaulted 53 year old passanger

A footage showing staff members of Indigo airlines dragging and assaulting a 53 year old man went viral throughout social media a couple of days ago.

The video featured, an Indigo airline passanger, identified as Rajeev Katiyal, being manhandaled at the tarmac of Indira Gandhi International airport on 15th of October by the airline personals.

Katyal and some of the staff members of Indigo had reportedely got into an arguement over the seating arrangements for passengers in the airline-provided buses. He allegedly abused the staff members, during the heated exchange of words, over which they said to have lost thier cool and prevented him from boarding the bus again.

The staff members can be heard & seen in the video saying "Isko rok yahan par, isko yahin sikhaate hai (Stop this man from boarding, let's teach him a lesson)." after which they dragged katyal away from the bus, pinned him down to the floor and tried to choke him - as can be seen in the footage. The entire incident was captured on video by one of the Indigo staff members, and it later made its way to internet.

Telling his side of the story, Rajeev Katiyal appeared on a Television interview, in which he said - "I was standing in the shade of a plane when a ground staff started shouting at me in a very rude manner. I asked him, "Why don't you arrange the third bus for which we are waiting?" Meanwhile, when the bus came two people said let's teach him a lesson and one of them pulled me out of the bus."
When the video became viral on social media portals, after 23 days of the actual incident, Indigo finally took to twitter and issued an official apology.

“We condemn the actions of our staff & have taken stern action. We truly apologize for this. Such behavior is unacceptable.”

On 7th October, Aviation minister Jayant Sinha had a word with founder of Indigo airlines, Rahul Bhatiya, and asked for a detailed report of the entire incident.

The aviation minister also took to twitter to express his feelings and called the incident "deplorable and unfortunate". In one of his tweets he directed the passengers on how to tackle such situations, as he wrote -


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