Karni Sena threatens, they will burn every theater where Padmavati is shown

Despite Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmavati' facing the wrath of several Rajput and right-wing groups, and being already banned across two states in India, the film has been given a clearance by the British Censor board for release in theaters across the UK, come December 1st.

Karni Sena, who's been front and center in most of the national protests, were apparently not happy about the release - even if it was happening outside of the country, so they have come out with yet another controversial remark on the issue.

Speaking on an interview with Republic TV, a representative and leader of the outfit, stated that they would burn every theater which attempts to run the movie.

“Har wo theatre jalega, jahan Padmavati ka show chalega,” Sukhdev Singh, a leader of the Karni Sena was quoted telling the channel. “I myself wanted to go there to protest but the Indian government has confiscated my passport, so I will ask the Rajput community there to protest.”

Even if most of these threats turn out to be shallow, there's no denying they hold the possibility of someone, somewhere being incited to pursue a violent route.

Uncertainty, still looms over the national release of the movie, as everyone fears a possible law-and-order situation.

Will it ever see the light of the day?

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