"Kya hua tera wada": Dhangar voters question Devendra Fadnavis with a Bollywood song.

When Maharashtra Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis Reached Nagpur to address a rally and celebrate his Government's 3 years in charge, the people of Dhangar played Bollywood song "Kya hua tera wada" (What happened to your promise) to protest in the most unique manner.

The current Maharashtra cheif minister and BJP promised Dhangar community before coming into power that they will provide reservation to the people of the community in Government jobs. After waiting for 3 years and seeing the promise not being kept by the CM, people of Dhangar got the perfect place and opportunity to question the CM.

A lady from the audience stood up as soon as the Cheif minister took the stage to address the rally and told him "The dhangars want to ask you a question" and the bollywood song started playing in the background.

The incident left Devendra Fadnavis visibly uneasy and embarassed and the footage of the incident has since become viral on social media.

The oppostion parties - Congress and Shive sena, couldn't be happier as both have been quizzing and targeting the central and the Maharashtra state Government recently.

After being left Red faced on the stage the Maharashtra chief minister replied - "I have not forgotten my promise and the process for reservation for Dhangars will begin after December."

Here is the footage of the entire incident -

video source -DB Live news

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