Man goes to buy his IPhone X riding a horse with a band and Dhol

You may have heard about past stories of people camping outside Apple stores for days to be the first ones to lay their hands on the latest versions of IPhone - but what a guy from Thane, Maharashtra did was something way out of the box.

Mahesh Palliwal, went to collect his pre-ordered IPhone X from an Apple store - in a manner usually seen when one is either getting married or going to a war.

The Thane resident not only rode a horse on the way to the store, but was also accompanied by a full-fledged band consisting of dhols and banners proclaiming, "I love IPhone X."

Interestingly, adding more spice to the moment, the Apple store manager himself handed over the set to Palliwal - while he remained seated over the horse.

Watch the entire incident below:

Considering the whopping prices of the phone, laying your hand on it may actually feel like winning a war.


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