Massive Respect: Chennai cops get down in knee-deep water to unclog the drains

Wikimedia Commons
Chennai cops garnered massive respect from locals after venturing out of their area of work, to provide their assistance the flooding city.

The Tamil Nadu capital has been facing the wrath of nature, as massive rainfalls have not only affected the daily lives of people, but have also resulted in a number of deaths and have caused severe damage of both public and private property.

In the midst of such travesty, images of the city's cops stepping into the water to unclog the drains which are holding knee-deep water on the roads have been shared online.

Restoring faith in the troubled population of Chennai, the instance has proved that even though the politicians and bureaucrats may fail to hear the cries of the ones suffering from the natural disaster, they can always count on our men-in-uniform.

The pictures have been shared on Twitter by Chennai-based journalist, Shabbir Ahmed - urging people to applaud the forces for doing something that is not necessarily their area of work, but is still done with an uninhibited zest for public service.

Bravo Chennai police.

You've set an example for so many out there!

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