MUST WATCH: Beautiful Instrumental version of Indian National Anthem, "Jana Gana Mana"

Over the years you may have heard various spell-binding renditions of our fabulous national anthem - 'Jana Gana Mana.'

The Rabrindranath Tagore-penned anthem is as artistically inspiring as it is patriotic - perhaps, one of the reasons why, people from all sorts of backgrounds want to render them in their own individual styles.

One such rendition - shared online, and made viral for its sheer beauty that touches every soul it passes through, features four foreign instrumentalists giving a melodious, heartwarming touch to our great anthem.

Shared on Facebook by Tanique Fossa, who is a popular Saxophone player from Europe and who also features in the video with three other ladies who are seen merging the beautiful sounds of violins and flute to create, what can be termed as - "pure magic" with this classic tune.

Patriotism is just one of the MANY emotions this video would evoke.

Watch and hear it below:

The upload made on Facebook has received over 150,000 reactions and has been viewed nearly 5 millions times, at the time of writing this.

Isn't it great how the power of music can bring us all together?

Long live the oneness of all nations.

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