"People like Kamal Haasan should be shot dead": Hindu Mahasabha leader

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Following Kamal Haasan's statements alleging Tamilnadu to be infested with elements of Hindu extremism, the actor has received major flak from the right-wing groups.

In a series of criticism flowing in the celebrated actor's direction, a statement from Hindu Mahasabha leader, Ashok Sharma has sparked controversy for stating that people with views like Haasan should be shot dead.

 Alleging that it was a way for Haasan to push his own 'communal agenda' forward, Sharma said:

“There is no other way to handle people like Kamal Haasan but to either hang them or shoot them dead,” he said.

The right-ideology driven organization has also appealed to boycott all the upcoming films of not just Kamal Haasan, but also the rest of his family members.

Kamal is also facing a complaint filed against him by a lawyer for his statements, a hearing on which is scheduled for November 22, in Varanasi.

The actor's original statements included him criticizing the alleged presence of Hindu extremism in the state of Tamilnadu. 

“There is Hindu extremism in Tamil Nadu, and you cannot say there is no Hindu terror,” he said. “In the past, Hindu right-wing groups never indulged in violence. Instead, they engaged with opposing parties in a dialogue. But, as this approach proved unsuccessful, Hindu groups began using muscle power to clamp down on detractors.”

Do you think it is fair for the Mahasabha leaders to issue provocative statements as these, especially considering the sensitive social environment we live in today?

Let us not forget the murder of Gauri Lankesh, that easily, shall we?

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