Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi had an intense eye contact and Twitter just lost it

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You know how Twitterarities never miss a moment worth 'meme-ing' when it comes to it?

And when the meme subject includes names like - Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, chances of it going viral multiply by a thousand.

On the occasion of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel's 142nd birth anniversary, the two opposition leaders came face to face with each other and the awkward exchange of non-verbal stare between them was enough to drive internet crazy. 

The memorial event was organised at the Parliament where many Dignites from Congress, BJP and other parties gathered to pay tribute to the first deputy Prime minister of India - Sardar Patel, famously known as The Iron man of India.

Although there were many big names from Indian politics at the event such as Rajnath singh, Arun Jaitley, LK Advani, Sumitra Mahajan and more, but the incident that managed to grab all the attention of good ol' Tweeples and instantly went viral - was when the Congress vice president and  the Prime Minister had an intense eye contact and the shutterbugs managed to catch it at the precise moment.

Everything about the "awkward stare" between the two most talked about personalities of Indian politics was meme-worthy and bound to became viral - as twitter couldn't stop doing what they do best.

Here are some hilarious reactions and captions chirping through the web -


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