"Rahul Gandhi motivated my son to become a pilot" says Nirabhaya's mother

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It has been nearly 5 years since the unspeakable tragedy of Delhi's 'Nirbhaya gang-rape' incident that commenced a nationwide revolution against gender-based crimes and the increasing number of rapes across the country.

After all these years of grief, distress and a widely published legal battle, Nirbhaya's family finally has something to cheer about. The late medical aspirant's brother, Aman (name changed) is set to become a professional pilot and the credit for his achievement, against all odds, is being given to the Congress vice president - Rahul Gandhi.

According to her mother, it was Rahul Gandhi's efforts to not only keep in touch with the family but also encourage their son to continue in the pursuit of his dreams, that gave him the mileage he needed to never stray from his path.

As Nirbhaya's family struggled in extreme agony, after their only daughter was brutally raped and murdered on the streets of Delhi by a group of 6 men, her mother insists it was Rahul's words that kept on motivating Aman to fulfill his dreams and 'never quit'.

"Aman is a pilot now because of Rahul Gandhi," Nirbhaya's mother told India today in an interview.

She further said -

"Rahul Gandhi was the one who counselled him and motivated him to achieve something good in life to support the family. After learning that he wanted to join the defence forces, Rahul asked him to pursue a pilot's training course after completion of school," Asha devi (Nirbhaya's mother) told India today.

Further in her interview, she also revealed that the Congress VP's sister, Priyanka Vadra also stayed in touch of the family much after the incident. "She often asks about our health," she said.

Aman is now undergoing his final training in NCR/Gurugram and is set to fly for a commercial airline soon.

Wishing all the luck and strength to Asha Devi and her family.

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