Shashi Tharoor's perfect reply to a Pakistani girl who quizzed him on 'Kashmir' related issues

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Shashi Tharoor is one of the most articulate, eloquent and well-spoken politicians in India, who on many occasions has represented the country with utmost proficiency on international platforms.

The UPA leader, recently sat down for a Q&A in the United States, during the launch of his upcoming book, 'Inglorious Empire' - where a Pakistani-origin girl happened to quiz him on the subject revolving around the Kashmir conflicts.

As the girl asked Tharoor, why the discrepancies between the two nations pertaining to the occupancy of the state is constantly brought up again and again, Tharoor immediately corrected her by point out that it wasn't him, but her who brought that up in the discussion. A sassy rebuttal, that imminently had the crowd clapping.

Tharoor then pointed out how the very formation of Pakistan, was derived from the idea of a religion-based nation - something that the Indian Nationalist Movement consistently disagreed with.

Throwing another mild jibe with sass, Tharoor noted how the people of Pakistan are bound to not oppose the idea of the segregation of nations based on religion, since Pakistan wouldn't exist if that isn't the case.

"Pakistan is created as a result of one party wanting a state for people of a particular religion. Now, the Indian Nationalist Movement never bought into that logic. It always claimed to be a movement of every faith, every religion, every caste, every language, every colour and so on," he said.

Watch his tongue-in-cheek reply to the lady below:


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