Stepfather drowns 4 year old son to death in a bucket for playing with neighbor

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In an extreme case of 'parental-punishment-gone-wrong' - a four year old boy was drowned to death by his stepfather for playing in their neighbor's apartment.  

The incident took place at Bhawani Niwas building, in Nalasopara, Mumbai - when the man allegedly had a fight with the said neighbor, following which he warned his kids, including 4 year old Piyush, to never go play in their flat. 

According to police, the incident took place early morning on Friday, when 25 year old Vishal Jaiswal, first took Piyush out of their neighbor's flat and started beating him with a broom for venturing out to the play with them despite being told not to. Vishal then took the kid back home and drowned his head in a bucket full of water as his other children witnessed the horrific incident right in front of them.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
He then brought the body back into the room and warned the rest of his kids to not tell their mother anything about it. As the kids' mother returned from her workplace, Vishal told her that Piyush had accidentally drowned in the bucket.

The mother did not believe Vishal's story and quickly approached the police, following which he confessed to his crime.

The police also interrogated Piyush's brothers who narrated the entire incident as had been witnessed by them.

Vishal Jaiswal has now been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 302 and 323 pertaining to 'Murder' and 'Voluntarily causing hurt.'

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