This man helped Mumbai police catch 140 harassers in the local train using his special glasses

Source: Facebook/DipeshTank
Dipesh Tank - the man who uses special glasses to catch goons and eve-teasers harassing women in Mumbai locals.

Dipesh, who has lived in the slums of Mumbai, saw her mom working day and night to run their house as his father did not keep well. Dipesh too ventured out to help his mother with the household expenses, as he decided to work at a very young and found himself a job in a reputed ad agency where he started working at the young age of 16.

One day while returning home from work in the Mumbai local, he came across a group of men teasing and harassing women aboard the female coach, which instantly made him think about his own mother who traveled in the city's locals during odd hours, Talking about the incident with Facebook page - 'Humans Of Bombay', Dipesh recalled how it inspired him to take matters in his own hands - 

"I saw a group of men harassing women who were trying to get into the ladies compartment. I couldn't fight them alone, so I went to the cops who initially tried to dismiss me. After some coaxing, one of the officers came with me — but by then these men had left. I was really affected by this — I thought of my own mother who would return home late after work and being harassed in this manner…wouldn’t I have done something? I could’t let it go."

He did a research on the recurrence of such cases of teasing, groping and assault and found how "common" gender-based harassment and sexual assaults were in the Mumbai locals. Dipesh, then decided that he wanted to pull together his efforts and be the change he wanted to see in the world. 

Buying a pair of glasses with a built-in HD video recorder camera, with the sole purpose of recording and catching the perpetrators and have them reported to the cops, Dipesh started recording every harassment and teasing incident he came across.

"My documentation made me feel sick-- I got a taste of being in these women’s shoes, and the harassment they faced " Dipesh said.

Dipesh and his friends started a campaign in 2013 to fight women harassment. The campaign is known as WARR (War Against Railway Rowdies).

The WARR team collected all the required evidence and presented it to the Inspector, who, upon seeing the footage understood the severity of the problem and decided to send a team of 40 cops to work with Dipesh

The volunteers from WARR, stay on the train and station premises and send live feed of incidents of such nature to cops, who usually wait in the next station to catch the culprits red-handed.

In the past six months, WARR has managed to catch 140 harassers and eve-teasers.

Dipesh summed up his talk with Human Of Bombay with these inspiring lines -

"I know I took a step towards this, because I felt personally responsible for the men who were behaving like beasts. All men everywhere are looked at in a certain light, because of the few hundreds who create the chaos — I wanted to try and restore that balance. I have tremendous respect for all women, and it started at home — my mother taught me well… I didn’t respect anyone as much as her. And maybe that’s the message we should send out — raise better boys at home, and the world will know fewer disrespectful men.”

We hope Dinesh's story will inspire more people to come out in numbers and fight against the ever-increasing number of gender-based crimes.  

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