Tushar Malhotra: The Class X student who adopted a government school and improved its condition

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Age shouldn't bar you from doing something good for others. A class X student from Gurugram has set such an example for everyone, that it would push anyone who hears his story to contribute in their own little ways.

Tushar Malhotra - a teenager from NCR, prepping for his board exams has undertaken the responsibility to aid and better the condition of a government school from the same region.

A student of Pathways school, Tushar's devotion to the deed started when he participated in a school assignment which required him to conduct an activity revolving around the subject of 'social responsibility.' After donating a number of books and helping set up a library within the school, Tushar realized that the establishment was in need of much more. 

"Initially, it was supposed to be for my school project," Tushar told Times Of India. "I just wanted to donate books, set up a library and leave. But once I entered the school and saw the condition, I was compelled to do more."

Tushar started fetching donations and reached out to his family members, which further helped him install fans in the school's classrooms. The teenager then took out the time from his owns studies, to devote himself to teaching the younger students of the school.

The school's in-charge, Balvinder Singh, is also full of praise of Tushar's zeal to work with the students, which as he says, has compelled the students to show more interest in studies.

"What Tushar is doing is commendable," Singh told TOI. "It's not just about money or the things he is bringing, but also the attention he gives the kids." 

"I wish more people followed Tushar's example," Balvinder said.

Indeed true. 

We need more people to get out of their shelves and contribute to the well-being of the lesser privileged in every little way they can. Even a tiny contribution from your end could help make world a better place. 

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