Watch: Tiger Shroff's fan jumps from 13ft wall after being inspired by him. Gets criticized by the actor.

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It isn't an unusual concept for movie lovers to take inspiration from their favorite stars and attempt to reenact their on-screen magic.

However, what some people must realize that a lot of what is shown on celluloid isn't 100% real. Every risky stunt or sequence shown in movies are performed under the guidance of trained professionals, who ensure complete safety under all circumstances.

Apparently, some people are willing to look past these guidelines and warnings revolving around such daredevil stunts, and risk their lives while replicating the same.

A young fan of Tiger Shroff attempted to impress him by jumping down on his feet from a 13 feet wall - without the support of a harness or a safety net.

Calling it an endeavor to defeat his fear of heights, the actor's fan uploaded a video of the very moment he took a plunge down the wall - which featured him landing straight on his feet to the ground, and immediately walking around with a limb as a result of an apparent leg spasm.

Watch the video below:

The guy in question, who also tagged Shroff in his post, got an instant reply from the actor - who, as expected, criticized his action calling it 'stupid' and 'disappointing.'

Here is what Tiger had to say:

Realizing that he hadn't quite thought through his decision to impress Tiger with a naive attempt to risk his life, the young man immediately apologized to the star and promised him that he'd never repeat the mistake again.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the physical damage one could cause themselves by re-enacting on-screen stunts without any professional supervision.

How about people just listen to and follow the statutory warnings before all those big-screen stunts?

Glad to know, Tiger called out the man for his stupidity.

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