"Women in filmmakers' families change husbands everyday", says BJP MP on 'Padmavati' issue

As the protests against Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Padmavati" continue to grow, with many Hindu communities including the Rajput's opposing the Deepika Padukone starrer historic drama for an alleged false portrayal of facts and characters - a BJP leader has crossed all limits of decency with his remark on the movie makers. 

Chintamani Malviya took a jibe at the upcoming big-budget drama stating that the people involved in the process of making the movie wouldn't understand anything about 'honor' as the women in their families change husbands everyday.

As people remain divided on the issue, with one side criticizing the movie for distorting historical facts and allegedly presenting them with in an offensive manner, others have sided with the filmmakers in their fight for artistic liberty to portray their image of the history on celluloid.

Protesters are not happy with the lead character, Rajput queen, 'Padmavati' being shown romancing the Muslim invader, Alauddin Khijli - the community claims the queen set herself on fire before the ruler could capture her.

Some historians also claims that Padmavati was not even a real person, but a fictional character created through Hindi literature.

Malviya and others protesting the Bhansali's film, do not believe so.

"For every Indian woman, Padmini is the ideal; Indians are proud of her. To preserve the dignity of the country and society, she along with thousands of other women threw themselves into a burning pyre," Malviya wrote on a Facebook post.

Malviya then stated that the filmmakers won't understand the notion of people killing themselves to safeguard their honor, as the female counterparts in their families, "change husbands everyday."

Watch him reiterate his statement in an interview below:

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