5 years since Delhi's gang-rape incident: Nirbhaya's mother breaks down speaking on the aftermath

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It was been 5 years since the nation was shook by the tragic 16 December gang rape in Delhi, the violent nature of which woke the entire population to the increasing number of crimes against women. For that moment at least, it seemed like people were standing together, to change it for once and for all.

Flash forward to 2017, a new horrifying story of rape and sexual torture is emerging almost on a daily basis, the headlines still as provoking, the conduct still as violent and the rate of gender-based sexual crimes still pretty much the same. 

What did we as a nation learn from 'Nirbhaya' - the 23 year old aspiring physiotherapist, whose life was cut short by some perverts, who not for a second, thought about the pain they inflicted upon her?

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Speaking to Hindustan Times, the late youngster's mother broke down to tears, acknowledging, how with the persistent number of rape-cases across the nation, things have not changed much at all.

"When I saw the number of people who had stood with us, we thought a lot would change. Maybe now, nothing like this will ever happen again with any other girl... but the way the situation is continuing now, the way young girls are still falling prey to this monstrosity," she said speaking to HT. "A few weeks ago, two children were assaulted. The way such crimes are still happening, I feel like we are still frozen in time five years ago."

"Things that need to change haven’t changed," she further told the publication. "Our governments have not changed. Their thoughts have not changed. The system has not changed. Some police stations and officers haven’t changed their ways. If our regime, administration and system changed, then we would not be in this condition."

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It was exactly on this date, 5 years ago, the 23 year old medical student was gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi. With iron rods inserted into her private parts and her intestines pulled out, the damage done to her body was so severe, that she succumbed to the injuries after a few days.

The incident was soon followed by massive protests, led by countless marchers on the streets of Delhi - demanding a better, faster justice system to incite fear in the minds of potential perpetrators.

As we look back on the journey, on the fifth anniversary of that tragic date, have we really come as far as we had hoped?

It is time for all of us to introspect. 

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