Bigg Boss: Vikas Gupta attempts to forcibly kiss Akash Dadlani, still not evicted from the show

Yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss featured a violent physical outbreak between two of the most popular inmates from the show.

After being made fun of for the way he dressed up, contestant Vikas Gupta's frustration level reached such heights that he couldn't hold himself back from releasing it physically.

Gupta, along with Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani, was sent to the jail following their respective performances in a task. Dadlani, who's previously known for his instigating ways in the show, tried his best to bully and trigger Gupta off the edge, while all three of them were confided within the House's jail. It was then Gupta lost it and retaliated by forcefully trying to kiss Akash on his lips!

As Akash tried to move his head around to avoid being kissed, he pushed Vikash away and ended up being pushed a lot harder by Vikas himself.

Watch the moment below:

Since its very first season back in 2006, Bigg Boss has consistently been involved in controversies due to the outlandish behaviors of its contestants.

While last year it was the "piss-throwing" Baba Swami Om, that instigated the viewers with his actions - eventually leading himself to his eviction, this year is more about inmates making controversial remarks about people outside.


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