Declared dead by Delhi Hospital, newborn found to be alive by family right before cremation

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In a shocking and deplorable incident of medical negligence, Delhi's Max hospital has been accused of mistakenly declaring newborn twins as 'dead by birth' - only for the family to later find out during their cremation proceedings that one of them was actually alive.

The incident took place in Delhi's Shalimar Bagh branch of Max hospitals, where one out of the prematurely born twins was declared 'stillborn' while the other was initially said to be in a critical condition and was advised to be kept in nursery for at least three months.

When the family decided to move their surviving child to a more affordable medical establishment, the doctors informed them that he too had succumbed to his frail condition and had passed away.

Later on, bodies of both infants were handed to the family for cremation.

It was only when a movement was noticed in one of the bags covering the infant's body, the family found out that one of the newborns hadn't actually died and was still alive. And this happened only moments before the cremation was about to proceed.

The caretakers of the infant immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital where his condition is now said to be stable.

As the hospital premises were surrounded by dozens of angry protesters, criticizing the doctor's negligence, representatives for the medical establishment released a statement to the media, stating that they have started looking into the matter.

It has been brought to our attention that a premature (22 weeks), newborn baby, who is reported to be on life support at a nursing home, was unfortunately handed over without any sign of life by Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. This baby was one of the twins delivered on November 30th morning. The other baby was stillborn. We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident. We have initiated a detailed enquiry, pending which, the concerned doctor has been asked to proceed on leave immediately. We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all the needed support.

It isn't the first time Max Hospital has grabbed national headlines for all the wrong reasons, the medical unit has recently been in news for cases related to incorrect medical treatment and wrongfully overcharging patients.

Will the authorities step-in to take matters in their hands to lay some firm guidelines, once and for all?

Let us hope something is done sooner than later.

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